Sunday, October 23, 2011

Table Covers for Craft Fairs and Boutiques

Many people have asked me about my table cover. I made it so that I can interchange the skirt with the different seasons. Here it is with my summer skirt in green and holiday skirt in red.

Making the top:
My top is made of muslin but you can choose what ever fabric you like. It should not be very stiff, find a soft fabric that you can wash and dry.  I designed the top like a fitted bottom bed sheet with elastic on the corners. After adding the elastic I put the top back on the table and marked where my buttons should be sewn on. They are about every 15", all the way around the top. If you would prefer to use Velcro that would work also. Next I sewed on the buttons.The buttons can be plain or fun, make sure they will match all of your fabric choices. I used heart buttons.

Making the skirt.
Measure the height of the table and cut material with enough allowance for a nice hem on top, bottom and ends. Sew the skirts hems, add the button holes and you are finished! 

I know that was a quick lesson, written for people who understand sewing. If you need more help leave a comment and I will address you personally.

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