About Barbara Lemke and Daily Whisper Inspirational Card Decks
Barbara Lemke, owner of BSL Creations and Daily Whisper Inspirational Messages Card Decks, began her journey of educating and inspiring people in 1991 when she took a series of personal development courses that taught her to take charge of her life.  A “light-bulb” moment of realization occurred, and Barbara found that by taking responsibility for her actions, both good and bad, she could effectively change her outlook, and ultimately her position in life, by focusing on her strengths and creating positive opportunities.
In the mid-1990s, after completing her course-work, Barbara worked for “The People’s Network,” an educational television network dedicated to providing informational, and inspirational, programming.  After four years, Barbara decided to venture out on her own and bring her message to people in a new way – through the advent of BSL Creations, the Cuddle Wumkins, and Daily Whisper Inspirational Messages Card Decks.
Beginning her focus with women, Barbara wrote and designed inspirational messages and artwork that focuses on using the strengths we all possess to successfully tackle and overcome obstacles faced in daily life.  After seeing the immediate impact her messages had on the women in her life, and receiving positive feedback from customers, Barbara decided to focus on the needs of children and teens as well.  Daily Whisper Inspirational Messages Card Decks are available for women, for children, and for teens – each set focusing on the unique challenges faced at these different life stages.
In the winter of 2014 Barbara along with her friend Kim created inspirational card decks for Christians. They are available for Adults, Teens and Kids.
As of January 2015 the Cuddle Wumkins plush toy line is not available. However, they can be custom ordered if you would like one. 

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