Friday, September 9, 2011

Stuffed Animals Spark Imagination

Last Sunday a boy and his mother that came to my booth. His name was Jeffrey and he was 10 years old. He began playing with one toy then another and he was making stories up about each one. It was fun to watch, he kept at it for about 5 minutes. Finally I commented to his mom that he had quite an imagination. She smiled and replied back that it was unusual for him and that he typically does not play like that. He wanted about 4 of my items but mom said she was on a budget and could not afford to buy any now. I felt bad for Jeffrey but I understand being on a budget. I gave his mom my card and I hope she contacts me in the near future.

My memory of Jeffrey encourages my creativity. It seems many of our children today don't have an opportunity to use their imagination because of the saturation of video games, sports, etc. Using our imagination is very necessary, it promotes thinking out of the box, inventions and freedom of thought. We need to encourage our future Spielberg, Jobs and Gates with anything they can use their imagination with, whether it is paints, Legos, blocks or Cuddle Wumkins!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Testing Faith-The 6 Phases

Rick Warren: Easter 2010

1. A dream: given to you by God

2. Decision: making a decision to go after your dream

3. Delay: there is always a delay, it is a test of faith

4. Difficulty: difficulties will come and you will begin doubting

5. Dead end: you think it is not happening

6. Deliverance: God makes it happen

This always helps me when I get frustrated at the rate my business is moving. It helps me remember that every thing happens divinely the way it is supposed to.
The litters have arrived. Homes are needed.