Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cloth Napkins

I think it is funny how great ideas flow to us. In my mind they trickle down from the heavens and fall into our minds. Some of us think about the idea and some of us act on the idea. I have had many times where I thought of something and didn't act only to find it in stores in the future. I hate missing out on a opportunity like that.

It wasn't surprising to me to find that cloth napkins are becoming very popular. They are so nice to use and it feels good to contribute to the green way of life. We use so much paper, less than we used to but I think we should cut back whenever it is easy to do so. Yesterday at a boutique where I had a booth and was selling my creations one lady after hearing my pitch on why to buy cloth napkins commented, "You must like to do laundry!" I thought it was an odd comment but replied that I have to wash my clothes anyway and it was pretty easy to add some napkins to the mix. Obviously she didn't get the "green" concept but everyone else did. I sold 20 sets of napkins along with 40 other items so I feel good that some people are getting a product to use that is also helpful in keeping our forests intact.

To see more of my napkins go to Daily Remedy on Etsy.