Sunday, November 16, 2014

Note Cards

With text and email who uses blank note cards? I do!! When is the last time you went to your mail box, opened it and found an envelope addressed to you?  It is such a special feeling to know someone cares enough to take the time to write a personal note. I still have faith that note writers are out there and they will see my new whimsical cards. Each pack has 8 cards and 8 envelopes. 
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Comfy Bear Blanket

This little cutie was a custom order. I used to make my Comfy Bear Blankets often and now I just make them to order. This one is for Anna, her Auntie ordered it for her. Let me warn you, if you begin to give them to the new family members you can never stop. Babies like them so much that they want their little brothers, sisters and cousins to have one too!

© BSL Creations

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Tooth Fairy Pillows

I have been selling these cuties for years. They are always a crowd favorite at my boutiques.

© BSL Creations
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Meet my Cy Wumkin

This beautiful baby is my grandson Branson and he is modeling my newest monster. The Cy Wumkin is the perfect size for a baby and made of all new materials, pre-washed and ready for playing.

© BSL Creations

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Bringing the Monster Back!

I saw a stack of unfinished monsters and I decided to sew them up. Here is what I created:

© BSL Creations