Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Inspirational Cards for Teenagers, I Am Cards, Who Am I Cards

I am so happy to show you my newest product. If you have been following my business you know that it all started in 2001 with I AM cards. I reluctantly stopped making these cards a year later because I could not find a way to manufacture them without going out of the country. During the year I was making and selling these cards (for adults and children) the ones that sold the most of were my kids cards.Therapists especially liked the cards, they used them in therapy as a tool to get kids to open up about their feelings.

In 2009 I decided to re-create my vision of my cards with a more passive type of message and the new name, Daily Whisper. My passion for helping people speak to themselves in a more loving way has not diminished. It is still my main focus but it has taken a back seat since I fell in love with making plush toys! I gave my adult and kids cards a new look and started all over. However, the manufacturing process is way too time consuming for me and I needed a printer.

I am so happy to say that I found a local printer to make my cards and they are putting them in nice bundles of 30 and wrapping them in cellophane. I still need to figure out how to present them, as a kit? in a pouch? in a plastic box? That will come to me and I don't mind suggestions. In the mean time the little package will work for now. My adult cards are going into the printer today but what I have right now and I am so thrilled about them are my Daily Whisper cards for teenagers. After years of thinking about them, they are ready to sell and I am very happy with the way they turned out. I am so happy to be able to show them to you.

Let's face it, it is tough being a teenager. Their peer pressure and desire to fit in can be overwhelming. They are stuck in the middle of being a child and an adult. And unfortunately they don't share their deepest feelings with anyone and because of that they can feel alone.

Daily Whisper cards are tailored for teens. The cards speak their language and assure them that life is worth living. They give teens a more positive way to speak to themselves about their daily concerns. The cards touch on body image, school, self, friends and family. There are also cards for the sensitive subjects; how to deal with bullies, sex and drugs.

Here is a sampling of three cards: "I do my very best. This is my life and I am responsible for my own outcome," "I choose my friends carefully. I would rather have no friends than the wrong friends," and "It's okay to fail sometimes. That only means I need to learn from it and try again."

Daily Whisper cards come in a pack of 30 and are stacked and wrapped in cellophane. They are for boys or girls ages 13-19. Please visit my Etsy store Daily Whisper to purchase. $10.00 each

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