Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hidden Treasures

I believe in allowing a child to have time to just "be". To sit with themselves and think, dream and let their imagination go. I think it is more difficult these days for our children to do this because of the constant activity and input from the media, phones, computers, computer games, and after school sports. I asked my son who is 20 if he ever gives himself time to sit quietly and he said that his quiet time is while he is in the shower! I believe him because I have never seen him anywhere where he wasn't getting input somehow. As a child he used to eat his cereal at breakfast while reading the cereal box.
I wonder how healthy it is for a child to be constantly bombarded with input. My son is very intelligent and happy so for him it seems to have worked. But what about the children who are creative and never get a chance to work with their creativity because of the high demand of our times? Are they still finding time to just be alone and are their parents intuitive enough to understand that this is what they need?
This Star pillow isn't just for Christmas, it was made by me for the sole purpose of teaching a child to dream. It is soft, plush and has a friendly smiley face.  The treasure is the card in the back pocket with a verse to remind the child to take a chance on dreaming. The card in the back pocket reads:

Take me close and hold me tight
and wish a dream with all your might.
Dreams come true and you will see
anything is possible if it’s meant to be.

In our busy world children can use bedtime as a time to think about themselves, how their day went and the possibilities that are waiting for them tomorrow.
Star Pillows come in red, blue and gold and are a perfect gift any time of the year. To see them in more detail go to my Etsy store by following this link: Etsy Store

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