Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why Buy Inspirational or Affirmation Cards?

What are your thoughts?  Do they create the results you want in your life?

Daily Whisper Inspiration Cards are short dialogs that help in neutralizing  negative beliefs. They are conversations we have with ourselves every day with a  positive approach. You know the conversations I am talking about. The quiet ones that no one hears but you. The words that you say to yourself to keep you from succeeding or being happy. You may be saying, “I am so fat, I will never get a boyfriend,” or “I should have gone to college, then they would pay some attention to me,” or “Why did I say that, I always put my foot in my mouth.” These short dialogs are not doing you any good, in fact they are keeping you from living the life you were meant to live.

Daily Whisper Inspirational Cards will replace your negative dialog with loving dialog. They will teach you to be patient and caring to yourself, to treat yourself with respect and honor your existence. They are the size of a business card so they can be easily carried in a purse or pocket. Every morning read through the cards and choose the one that resonates with your current mood. Then carry that single card with you during the day and look back at it whenever you begin your negative self talk. In essence you are erasing your current dialog with a new dialog when you do this.

A good life begins with our own Daily Whisper. Let these cards assist you to have the life you deserve to live. We owe it to ourselves  to live a life filled with  joy and happiness.

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