Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cruisin' for a Cure

Today my husband Steve and I went out in our hot rod to the Orange County fairgrounds. For 10 years now the fairground hosts a hot rod show that benefits prostate cancer. It is a good cause and kind of fun. I think the car enthusiasts like it much more than I do. Personally I like to go just to have a chance to hang out with Steve in a different setting than our family room couch!

The people that attend this fair are a treat to watch. There were parents pulling children in wagons, dogs in wagons, wheelchairs, young and fit, young and tattooed, old and tattooed, old and fat, one woman was holding a baby that wasn't even a month old! I saw one lady that I call over-done. Picture a woman, very tan, bleached blonde hair, about 55, short shorts, tank top and high heals showing off a perfect tattoo on her ankle. People, this is a noisy, dirty, walking event!  Then there was a girl maybe 18 who was beautiful with a slim body. She had stringy black hair down to her waist that I thought was a wig, jeans that were as low as a bikini bottom. The jeans were made so it looked like black panties were pinking through the top and they had more holes than material. These pants with a short tank top and to top it all off was her belly tattoo. I couldn't make out what exactly the design was but it went from side to side and was right below her belly button. I ask you, what will that tottoo look like when she is 9 months pregnant? It is a scary thought. And here she was with her boyfriend in a mostly man event. More than anything I was concerned for her safety and wondering what her mother thought. I am not judging, to be honest I didn't dress much different when I was a kid. The less clothing the better was my motto. My mother must of had nightmares every night. Today I see everything from a "mom" perspective!

Here is a picture of our hot rod. We drove the parade course 2 times which makes you feel like a celebrity. The camera's are clicking, the children point, we get thumbs up from the grown ups. Then there are the children who have their ears covered and are crying because of all the noise. There was a lot of noise. The cars came in every color and make and most owners were proudly sitting next to their pride and joy. It is a fun way to spend the day and an easy way to donate to a needy cause. 

Right now I am enjoying the quiet sound of my fingers hitting the keys and the soft breeze of the fan overhead. Life is good. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi Barbara,
    Wow, it sounds like you are really enjoying yourselves. Your HotRod looks like a lot of fun too! Take care, Bob Zeis