Sunday, September 27, 2009

Missed Opportunities

We have been living in our home for 9 years, which is almost a record for both my husband and I. We both have moved a lot in our lives, especially me. I lived in 7 homes before graduating from high school and if we were anywhere for too long my mother would re-arrange the furniture so it felt like a new home. To me, change is a part of life and making new friends has always been on the back burner because I never stayed anywhere long enough to bond with a special someone. I have lots of people I know, and many people that are dear to me in my life. I am very picky with who I allow in because I have a firm belief that if "it" doesn't bring me joy then a change needs to come. I say "it" because this could be a house plant, home or a friend.

Over the years we have become friends with many of our neighbors. Some people are hard to pin down because life is busy and you have to be open to bringing one more project into your schedule. Last night we made that leap and had dinner with a couple who until now we have just waved to and chatted with as we are walking the dogs. To my surprise, these two people were great to hang out with. They are funny, loving and intelligent people. The dinner was full of pleasant conversation with a constant supply of humor.

Now my mind starts reflecting on the years past and how we never really tried to get to know these people who fit so nicely with our personalities. And what other circumstances have we been lead to that had people waiting for us to meet but we didn't take the time. I once heard that there are no coincidences. That we are put face to face with people who should be in our lives but all we see are strangers. I wonder how many opportunities I have missed to meet someone who should be in my life because I didn't take the time to make conversation. So much for reflection. Today I am happy we have new friends that live close and tomorrow I am going to look for more opportunities.

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  1. I completely agree. It's incredible the amount of time we spend with temporary priorities that could be spent nurturing lasting relationships.. beautiful post.