Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016

You may have noticed that I took some time off this year. I didn't do anything with my business except fill orders from my Etsy store or from returning customers and retailers. I wanted to spend 2105 with myself and my family and it has been a great year, filled with whatever I wanted!! 

In the last 3 months I have had many people come to me and suggest I rethink my strategy of taking another year off. One lady said people weren't ready for my Daily Whispers when I launched the product but they are now and they are needed more than ever. She spent 30 minutes stating her case and strongly suggesting that I keep going. Another lady bought a dozen decks to give all her girlfriends for Christmas and she believes the ripple effect of her gifts will surprise me and I should get ready for more orders. I have had an inquiry for a retailer in Laguna Beach and then last night I met an angel who's goal is to help parents communicate with their children and she reached out to me because of my kids and teen Daily Whispers. She wants to help me get the word out about my cards and how to use them. As an author, speaker and coach I believe she could do it!

As 2015 draws to a close I am feeling grateful for all of my customers and friends who have supported me all these years. As far as 2016, I intend to think more about the advice I have been receiving. One thing is for sure, a balanced life is necessary for me so I will see how I can incorporate the growth of my business with my family time. I am feeling hopeful that I can do it!!

Wishing your New Year will be a year filled with love and kindness, prosperity and growth. 


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