Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Do People Want?

My imagination is going strong these days. I am loving the idea of making what ever comes to my mind. I must admit that the idea of manufacturing one item is boring to me. I enjoy the process of creation and I am trying to find something the younger generation would like. I have mastered the ideal of a baby boomer being one myself but the younger generations are a puzzle to me. I often ask people who come to my booths what they like best on my table and I get answers across the board. An eleven year old girl likes small things, another likes the monster pillow. One grandpa loves the Cuddle Wumkins and another doesn't. A 5 year old boy likes anything with a heart and another likes anything without a heart. This kind of information makes me realize that I can't please everyone but I can please myself and to please myself I need to stay in the creative mode and not the production mode.

Here is a pillow (front and back), monster style that was made from an old t-shirt. It's new, it's fun, what do you think?

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