Wednesday, May 18, 2011


When my daughter was a young girl her aunt gave her a penguin. He was soft and squishy, about 20" tall and as cute as a button. Julia named him Pengie and God help us if we every left him behind on a family trip our outing. Julia's older brothers used to torment her by mistreating Pengie. He was never physically harmed but he was thrown over the balcony, held captive in the back seat window and buried in the show upside down. Looking back Julia can laugh like we did back then but at the time she wasn't happy about the torture her penguin went through. By nightfall Pengie was always safely back in her arms for a restful nights sleep and peace would fill our home. Pengie is still a part of Julia's adult life. He doesn't have the sparkle he once had but he has the history which makes us all smile. Pengie brought out the fun in all of us as well as compassion and comfort.

When I see a penguin my heart gets filled with joy as I remember a beautiful time in my kid's life. This little Cuddle Wumkin with his penguin belly patch makes me smile. He is for sale at my Cuddle Wumkin store or $18.00. 

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