Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inspirational Message

"Where I come from does not define who I am. I am the creator of my own life and I choose to create a life of substance and purpose." Daily Whisper Inspirational Cards

Some of us were blessed to be born into a family that functioned well and others had to fight for survival as a child. Whatever your background is,  it will always be imprinted on your soul. Good or bad the imprint is a part of you but it does not have to define you.

The beautiful thing about life is that we are in charge. It's important to look back at your past with acceptance if possible. If you are one of the people who had to fight for survival, be happy you made it this far. Look at your past and think about the strengths you developed because of your situation. And look back at the people involved and see them as human beings, struggling through life with their own imprinted souls.

Today we can choose to live a life of substance and purpose. All we have to do is make the right choices. I believe in a Plan-Do-Review type of life. We simply make a plan, do the plan, and then review it. If the review process determines the plan was good for us we continue on with it. If the review determines the plan is bad for us, we STOP the plan immediately and create a new one.

Whether your childhood was great or not so great has nothing to do with you now. You are an adult who can make your own choices. I wish for you to choose a life of substance and purpose.

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