Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Inspirational Message

"People are important to me and I am important to myself. I keep only my friends who bring me joy and add value to my life. All others I let go." -- Daily Whisper Inspirational Cards

We need people in our life to help us through the good and bad times. Sometimes we have people in our life who aren't good for us. You know the type. They criticize, complain, constantly see the worst in life and they drag us down. One meeting with them and we feel exhausted.

Picture this. When we have a pleasant conversation with a friend the words we speak are flowing back and forth from person to person. It feels good, and we can effortlessly stay charged with energy. When we are speaking with someone who is negative, disturbed, disruptive, angry, etc. the energy is different. The angry words have the ability to suck the energy away from the person they are talking to like a vacuum. That is why we feel exhausted when we leave a conversation with a person who has negative energy.

Years ago I made the decision to let go of the people who did not bring me joy or add value to my life. It wasn't easy to do but once I acclimated to the change my life was happier. Now my life is focused on positive energy and healthy conversations. There are always times when a temper flairs but that is part of life. I know when that happens is was the effect of something and not the nature of the personality.

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