Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August Newsletter

The skies are blue, the birds are singing and a soft wind is blowing. A butterfly flew into the yard yesterday and I was delighted because we don't see butterflies often around here. This morning a little brown bird plucked a worm off my tomato bush and we cheered because the worms are eating the bush and we don't want to use any poison to get rid of them. Instead nature is doing the deed for us. It's all wonderful, and my heart is full of joy to witness such splendor on a daily basis.

That is the secret of my happiness. To find beauty in anything I can find it in. If I am out for a walk I will notice a beautiful flower, an interesting looking tree trunk, a cloud formation or a darling dog, and I will feel blessed to be a spectator of such beauty. And I remember we are all connected so I say thank you for the gift.

It may sound silly to you and it may not, but what ever you are thinking right now, I challenge you to try it. Go out and get some fresh air and while you are there, take time to marvel in the beauty around you. It is there waiting for you.

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