Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dog Scarves

We love our dogs, don't we? I love mine and I want them to be safe at all times. Once I lost a dog that didn't have any identification on. We had just given her a bath and let her outside not knowing that one of the kids had left the side gate open.  We never found her and it was very sad for the whole family. I think about this often because I remove my dog's collar and identification while they are in the house and yard. I think it is more comfortable for them and less noisy for us. But if the dogs got out, I'm afraid history would repeat itself again.

It was because of this history lesson that I created the dog scarf. I think of the scarf as a Leisure Collar. Something for the dogs to wear in the home that is comfortable and makes no noise. I put my dogs name on the scarf and on the backside I wrote our phone number. Now the dogs are comfortable and safe.

Here are my dogs modeling my new product. Let me know what you think.

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