Thursday, May 27, 2010

Readjusting our Focus

When astronauts are traveling into space the course it set before take off. As they continue to travel wind and other factors move them off course.  Because of these factors they frequently need to readjust their settings.

I believe we can learn from this. Most of us have learned that getting from point A to point B can be a challenge at times. Sometimes we make the wrong turn or go through the wrong door traveling to our goal. But what if we re-adjusted our thinking? What if we decided that the turn or doors were not really wrong, just detours that are testing our true desire to reach our destination?

My Mother was a wise woman. She would say the detour kept us safe and that divinely we were not suppose to reach our destination so quickly. Hearing her say things to me like that when I was 15 made my eyes roll up in my head!  As an adult I like the comfort in her philosophy. The idea is that life is full of mystery and our perception can make it enjoyable or frustrating. My favorite quote, "its not what happens to us that effects our behavior, it is our interpretation of what happens to us that effects our behavior" says it all.

The astronauts could look at the readjustments as an chore but they don't. They know that as they travel they will constantly be moved off course. One thing we know is true is that life is never what we think it will be and our changing path is the journey that with the right attitude helps us to learn, love, understand and blossom as we age.

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