Monday, November 2, 2009

What is Your Daily Whisper?

Are you kind to yourself or do you beat yourself up?

Think of yourself as a beautiful cedar fence. Now every time you say something negative to yourself such as "I am so stupid" or "what an idiot", think of a nail hole in the fence. If you were to guess what your fence would look like today after years of your daily whisper, what would it look like? Still strong and solid or full of nail holes and weak?

Did you know your subconscious believes everything you say it it? If you say "I am happy" or "I am sad" both will come true if you say it often enough. Breaking a pattern of self abuse is not easy but it can be done. You can start with being conscious of your daily whisper. When a negative comment creeps into your mind you can reject it or simply say "no" to the thought. Retaliate by saying, "that is not true, I am a happy person." It is a matter of taking control and being the boss!

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