Monday, November 8, 2010

10 Reasons Why Kids Like Plush Toys

1. A plush toy will listen to whatever a child has to say and never  complain about anything. 

2. The child can make a plush toy sit or stand or do whatever they want them to do.

3. A plush toy is a comforting bedtime companion when a child is learning not to be afraid of the dark.

4. A plush toy helps develop a child's imagination.

5. A plush toy makes a great, quiet traveling companion.

6. A plush toy keeps a child company when they are alone.

7. A plush toy gives the child a feeling of being the boss!

8. A plush toy is always smiling at them.

9. A plush toy teaches a child how to be a good friend.

10. A plush toy can be squeezed and hugged.

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