Thursday, August 16, 2012

Plush Toy Give-Away!

Together we can become  Secret Admirer's  to a person in need of some kindness.

In order to qualify you must be one of my Facebook fans. To become one go to:

Give Away Rules:

  • Give-a-way begins Friday August 17, 2012.
  • One plush toy will be given away on a random day each month for 5 months.
  • The first Facebook fan who contacts me by email (see below) with information about a person in need of some kindness will be the Secret Admirer.
  • The recipient of the plush toy needs to be sent to someone who would love it and can not afford to buy it. It is intended that the gift will comfort him/her in a time of need.
  • There is no age limit for who it goes to. Some of my happiest customers are in their 80's.
  • Only one toy per household. Unless we have a special circumstance which I will consider when I hear the story.
  • Toys are as-is. (no color changes, no personalizations) 
  • Toy can not be received for resale or copied. All my toys are copyrighted.
  • Each Secret Admirer's name will be posted on Facebook in the comment area of the plush toy's photo to show the gift is taken.

My promise to you:
  • Toys are clean and look like or better than the picture.
  • I will ship the the gift within 1 week of the give away date to the address of the recipient.
  • I will place the gift in a cellophane bag with a ribbon and attach a note that says To:_______ from your Secret Admirer's.
  • I will not abuse your contact information.
  • I will not post information on the recipient unless you want me to.

Your promise to me:
  • You will be honest in asking me to send to someone in need. 
  • Send me an email ( with the person's story and why you want him/her to have the gift along with the person's name and address. 
  • Share this Give-Away with your friends.

Here are a few of the gifts that will be given away:

Let's have some fun spreading joy!

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