Thursday, June 3, 2010

Children and Plush Earth Dolls by Daily Whisper

When I made the affirmation cards for children I wanted to present them in more than one way. I came up with a fleece doll that has a pocket on its back that holds 3 affirmation cards. The kids who have  these toys really enjoy playing with them. The Fleecie Earth Doll are plush and squishy and can be used as a napping pillow and friend. If the child is not old enough to read the card the pictures are cute to look at and an adult can read the words to them.

Teaching a child to speak to themselves kindly can be challenging, especially if the parent struggles with this as well. Kid's need to learn that unkind words hurt, no matter who they are aimed at. The affirmation cards passive messages in the back pocket of these toys help a child learn about kindness, love and honor.


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