Friday, October 16, 2009

Kids at Play

This morning my friend and her children, Calvin and Chloe came over to play with my hand made dolls. I have been wondering what dolls children would gravitate toward when given the chance. I was very happy with their reactions to the dolls. Calvin went right to the flower, star and sun fleecies. Chloe liked the fleecie monsters, especially the largest one I named Simon. She loved Simon and insisted on carrying him all around. You can see by the picture that Simon is more than 1/2 her size and I think she liked the fact that he could sit beside her and be a friend. The heart patches on each doll was recognized and liked by the kids. It was great market research for me plus I now have wonderful pictures so people can see the size ratio of the dolls with children. I was so happy with this mornings results that I went shopping for more material. Now it is time to get sewing!

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