Saturday, October 31, 2009

Customized Dolls

Here are 2 custom made Friendly Monsters that I made for customers.

The one to the left is Oscar. Oscar was made for my customer's grandson. He asked if I would embroider Jack on the heart to make it a special gift for a special grandson.

The Hot pink doll named Sunny was made for Jadyn. Her Aunt wanted to give Jadyn a special gift for Christmas. We customized the Oscar doll by changing all the colors to  match Jadyn's favorite colors.

Jack and Jadyn will be so excited when they open their gifts. Having a doll with their own name on it is pretty special!

To order a customized Friendly Monster for someone you love visit  my on-line store; Barbara's Daily Whisper Store

   Allow 2 weeks for a custom doll. Thank you.

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